Congratulations! You have been selected to become a TechSpark Mentor!

Online Teaching Overview:

Classes – (Teaching material provided by TechSpark) class assignment is done manually by a member of the team. You can view online classes on our website and express your interest in teaching those courses by contacting us. (Salary Band: Standard Tutoring Scale)

Tutoring – (Teaching material provided by TechSpark) You will be asked to update your profile on the database with your teaching availability calendar. We encourage you to select repeat sessions by hour and by week (such as making yourself available every Wednesday from three till five for example). This allows parents and students to book re-occurring weekly sessions. (Salary Band: Standard Tutoring Scale)
Mentoring – (No teaching material provided. You will teach topics which you indicate on your Mentor form to students up to 18 years old – high-school level) Your profile will go live on our website, and customers will be able to book a time with you. (Salary Band: Standard Tutoring Scale + 20%)

Mentor Profile – Teaching Online

Please do not use university issued Zoom email, they can not be added to TechSpark Zoom account.
Current University of Study
Eg. BSc Computer Science, MSc Mechanical Engineering etc.
If you obtained your Bachelor degree at another university, please state which university and degree.
Please select which topics you can comfortably offer academic support in at high-school or pre-university level.
What languages can you teach in?
Please specify any other languages you can speak with sufficient fluency to conduct private tutoring lessons.
Example: Coming from a background in neuroscience, I am fascinated by how the brain processes visual information on a cortical level and how our understanding of these principles could be used to enhance intelligent systems. I have been an instructor & content developer for TechSpark Academy in Switzerland since 2019. In my spare time I love travelling and hiking with my dog.
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